I’m running for #Minnesota state house of Representatives for legislative  district 58B for the DFL (Democrat Farm & Labor) party.

I hope to serve all stripes of constituents and avoid the politics of division. My goal is to advocate policies to provide the greatest good to the greatest number of constituents. 
My own priorities are:

I support #ClimateChange abatement through adoption of regenerative farming and by minimizing fossil fuel use.
We need to adopt a mind set of good stewardship of land and water resources.
I Support Education thru increased teachers salaries and lower tuition costs and increased visibility of all education opportunities like junior college and trade schools.
I support Healthcare through expanded medical coverage, and through affordable medication.
A current under treated Healthcare crisis is in the mental health area. Lack of mental health care is manifest in all forms of violence and contributes to growing homelessness.
I support women’s right to choose for themselves.
I support common sense gun legislation that will inhibit the epidemic of mass shootings that currently terrorize our nation.

In general I wish to govern out of compassion and kindness rather than out of politics of division.
I’m interested in hearing about any issues of concern of folks in 58B that I wish to represent. 


Steve Dungy